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French manufacturer of colloidal solutions, Ôdal offers you to order its colloidal silver directly from the online store. Manufactured and packaged in France, our silver solution is bottled and stored to preserve all its properties, purity and quality. Our ethic is based on a method of strict and rigorous manufacturing including the use of distilled water according to the label and the monograph "Purified Water" of the European Pharmacopoeia in force. Our colloidal silver solution is guaranteed without mineral or synthetic silver particle. It consists exclusively of distilled water, ions and silver nanoparticles obtained by electrolysis. It is being stored in tinted bottle, anti UV glass, for optimum preservation of all its properties. Colloidal silver is an antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal solution, that effectively helps to cure or treat: wounds, skin conditions, burns, eye diseases, fungi, parasites, bacteria, germs and many viruses.


Colloidal Silver - 1 L

Colloidal Silver - 1 L

Sales price: 26,90 €

Colloidal Silver - 0.5 L

Colloidal Silver - 20 ppm - Bottle of 0.5 L

Sales price: 18,90 €

Colloidal Silver Spray - 100 ml

Colloidal Silver 20 PPM - Spray - 100 ml

Sales price: 11,90 €


French manufacturer of colloidal silver solution. Direct online sales of silver water for local application. Produced and bottled in France. Colloidal solution 20 PPM guaranted pure and of best quality.